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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 25, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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adoring fans are hungry for the game changer. at. >> athletic, smart, explosive. >> it's definitely a game changer. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the new point guard walked the red carpet for a wall-to-wall welcome outside the verizon center. this fan got one of his first autographs [ inaudible ] i'm just so happy i got to shake his hand. >> reporter: fans stood for hours in the 90-degree heat wearing black t-shirts with wall's name on it. the wizards' number one pick whizzed by a bit fast, barely scribbling an initial for this fan. >> it's good enough. i think they were trying to hurry him up. you know, hey, good enough. he'll be here for a long time.
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hopefully there will be more opportunities to sign autographs. >> john wall day in the nation's capital. >> reporter: inside wall said it was all a bit much. >> it's kind of -- [ indiscernible ] the fans are going crazy. it just shows how much they support me before i even step on the court. >> reporter: now there's a new energy. >> this is going to take our team to the next step. we're rebuilding now. he's going to be the cornerstone of our franchise for the next 10 to 20 years and -- ten to 12 years and this is what with we needed. >> are this was so over the top. there was even a video played with other sport superstars like alex ovechkin, ryan zimmerman and stephen strasburg. they're all doing the john wall dance. i'm sure you know what that is. >> thanks, roby. exciting times and fans obviously excited about john wall's arrival in town. >> the team is ready to rebuild and make him one of the big
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players. dave, you were there. what was your impression? >> that the kid is 19 and he gets it. you hope that you're not getting the wool pulled over your eyes but it seems like so far so good. you're right, it's a very exciting time to abd.c. sports fan. the redskins have donovan mcnabb. the caps have alex ovechkin and of course the nats have their sensation in stephen strasburg but today the fourth piece of the puzzle well into place with the introduction of john wall and what a 24 hours it has been. after a night in new york city, wall touched down at dulles international airport just after noon. he was then led by a police escort all the way to the verizon center. once inside, the new face of the wizards. i asked john, what makes your game so very special [
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inaudible ] get my teammates involved, take over games, try to give it a 110%. i want to be a defensive star. >> reporter: are you now the fourth piece to the d.c. puzzle, like a rebirth of sports in this town. can you feel that? are you going to check out the other guy sphs. >> i can't -- other guys? >> i can't wait [ inaudible ] i've never been to a hockey team. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: again, he's only 19 years old, everybody. he seems to be able to handle that pressure quite well. he told me he's quote, unquote cool with the high expectations that have been placed upon him. you can see the entire interview on coming up a little bit at 6:00, we talked about the john wall dance. he did it for me. i had to do it as well. it was pretty bad. it's his dance so of course he's good at it.
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you know, it is sweeping d.c. >> we'll see if you can handle it. >> we hope he sticks around for a while [ inaudible ] >> ted has everybody excited because deit so well with the caps. the same blueprint if it works for the wizards action they could be hopping in three years. >> you called him the new face of the franchise. have we heard-- >> we have not heard from gilbert arenas. we think gilbert arenas was supposed to be on this team when the season starts but if he wants to be on this team, he has to fall in line. this is john wall's team. >> good point. see you at 6:00. hot one out there again today, shawn. >> the storm force is tracking somewhat of a cooldown today. you can believe that? here's a live look outside. >> relatively speaking. >> it has been sizzling when 90 degrees feels like a relief. gets get to gary mcgrady. >> it's 91 right now. when did 91 feel so nice. the relative humidity has come down of course. not a hundred degrees like we
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had yesterday. heat index values yesterday over a hundred degrees. let me show you the current temperatures outside right now. 91. to be in gaithersburg where it's 7 degrees cooler. it's always cooler on the temperature sensor for gaithersburg. you have to wonder where they keep that thing. 86 for dulles. 90 degrees for manassas. over by the water very pleasant. annapolis is 83. leonardtown 82. and even across the bay temperatures are staying in the 80s. out along 81 martinsburg is 85. now, with the heat index, sometimes it can hurt you and sometimes it can help you. last hour the heat index was actually giving us a temperature that feels a little warmer than the actual temperature or felt a little warmer than the actual temperature. right now our heat index is right in there with the current temperature of 91 degrees. it feels like 90 for manassas but just so you know, we don't have nearly the amount of humidity we had around here yesterday. but -- and this is a big but -- temperatures are going to warm up for the weekend and the
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relative humidity is going to go up too so the heat index will be much, much higher, especially on sunday. 86 at 7:00 with loath of sunshine -- loads of sunshine before it sets. 9:00 82 degrees. it will be a great evening and again once we get into the evening hours, you'll really notice the lack of humidity as the sun begins to get lower in the sky and temperatures begin to cool off. what i'm trying to say, shawn, very, very nice evening out there. the weekend hot and humid. and we'll have a chance of some thunderstorms. so summer makes a big comeback for the weekend. >> all right. bring it on. thank you, gary. seems like this one may look refreshing, may feel refreshing to the people out there but d.c. officials are urging people not to open fire hydrants to cool off. turning on the hydrants can actually damage them or even underground pipes. the force of the water can also be so strong, it knocks children right off their teet. instead they recommend keeping cool at swimming pools, rec centers. tampering with a fire hydrant is a crime. a little relief from the
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heat for neighbors in oxon hill. they showed us inside their colonial village apartments. they haven't had air conditioning for weeks. temperatures topped 100 degrees inside. residents say their air is back on but others are still waiting. a startling way to end the lunch hour at a beltsville restaurant when an suv crashed right in front in the chestnut hill shopping center. it's about 12:30 today. nearly two dozen people were inside at the time. three people went to the hospital with minor injuries. the two people in that vehicle were not hurt. the investigation into the crash continues. a teacher at t.c. williams high school in alexandria is charged with sexual battery after a student claimed he touched her inappropriately. the 16-year-old student made a complaint against 72-year-old reginald brown on tuesday. police arrested him on wednesday. the mayor and police chief spent part of the day walking through the market where two business owners were shot to death this week. the father and son were killed during a robbery on wednesday at the ledo warehouse on 5th street southeast.
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eight an area that some tell us has been forgotten by the city and now they fear for their safety. >> d.c. government, the people of washington, d.c., certainly the metropolitan police department are not going to stand for any violence against our merchant, our small business owners. >> mayor fenty says police patrols will work with private business owners so everyone is more aware of what's happening in that area. remembering the king of. one year ago today the world was shocked to learn that mike had died. today -- that michael jackson had died. today homage was paid to michael jackson on the an verse of his death -- anniversary of his death. casey stegall takes a look back at jackson's life and legacy. >> my brother, the legendary king of pop, michael jackson, passed away on thursday, june
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25, 2009. >> reporter: for all his checkered history, the world was unprepared for the sudden exit of michael jackson from the scene. in the year since his death at the age of 50, his fame and fortune reached new heights. >> thus far michael jackson's executors have really been quite savvy with the types of deals that they're striking. >> reporter: deals that have already earned the estate more than $250 million, including a nine-figure deal for his catalogue of unreleased songs held by sony records. the blockbuster "this is it" also proved to be a cash cow. >> it was the number one top grossing concert movie of all time. they've already sold in excess of 1.5 million albums off of that. >> reporter: even as the money rolls in, michael's relatives are still seeking answers.
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>> most people in the family place the blame squarely on conrad murray for what he may or may not have done to michael on the day that he died. >> reporter: while there is no formal event marking the anniversary, thousands showing up to the forest lawn cemetery jackson's final resting place to remember one of the greatest entertainers of all time. >> he deserves it. he lived a great life. he was a great man. >> it's emotional because he was a great human being. i liked his music and all that stuff but it was for what he gave to the world, his humanitarian causes which i think a lot of people forget. >> reporter: extra police are on hand to accommodate the crowds but so far it's been a steady stream of mourners and flower deliveries to the cemetery here. one delivery this morning, 3,000 flowers to honor the king of pop. in glendale, california, casey stegall, fox news. a local family is taking time to remember the king of pop and they're bringing other fans together to honor michael
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jackson's legacy. we'll take you to their special remembrance at 6:00. president obama heading into the g-20 economic summit on a bit of a high note. congress worked into the early morning hours hammering out an agreement. critics are already lining up against the legislation. we get the details from jennifer davis. all right. we'll get in touch with jenny and get the package for you soon. in the meantime we move on to the gulf of mexico where the oil disaster continues. if you think it's bad now, just wait because all eyes are moving down south where storms are now starting to brew. hurricane fears starting to rise tonight. we'll take you inside the storm coming up next. condoms for kids? a controversial new policy that would give condoms to 5-year-
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olds is sparking a huge debate and today changes could be in the works. they are the latest must have tech toy. everybody seems to want the new iphone. now apple admits there's a problem. we'll tell you what that is coming up at 5:45. 
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it is day 67 in the disaster in the gulf, and tonight the containment cap is capturing thousands of barrels of oil, but there are new concerns that a storm could stall those efforts causing
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major headaches now in the response to clean up the oil spill. elizabeth pawn has the latest. >> reporter: a storm brewing in the caribbean could be headed to the gulf of mexico, possibly derailing efforts to contain and clean up the massive oil spill. some of the early forecasts put the projected path for the storm through ground zero. the coast guard says it has a plan if the storm comes barreling down. >> in general at about 120 hours out of the onset of gail force winds, we will start to redeploy the equipment from the well site, redeploy other equipment to safe venues so they can come in after the storm and reestablish production or take part in rescue activities. >> reporter: if the storm forces crews out of the water, the well could be leaking full force for more than a week. meanwhile, crews continue working feverishly to collect and burn off crude. admiral allen says they're also working on bringing in another ship and finishing the free- standing riser pipes increasing
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the amount of oil being collected. >> it will allow us producing from three different platforms. >> reporter: lawmakers and officials addressing concerns raised by business owners and residents over their claims for damages from bp. >> if the $20 billion is insufficient, bp has agreed to replenish the fund. >> we don't want anyone in this room that has done nothing wrong to be harmed by what has happened on this deep horizon rig. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is expected to make a trip to the region next week. he'll be making a stop at the command center in new orleans and a stop in the florida panhandle. in pensacola beach, fox news. now more on the trouble in the tropics tonight. the storm is developing by the minute. fox 5's gary mcgrady is tracking it all from the weather center. what are we talking here? >> reporter: we've been seeing this down there for several
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days. we haven't been talking much about it because it hasn't been on the verge of developing into anything. but it's getting into an area -- go ahead and put it up, guys, so we can see what it looks like down there and we'll talk about it just a little bit. it's beginning to get some formation down there. we're not quite sure yet if there's an actual center of circulation but something that hasn't happened till today, the national hurricane center has sent the planes down there to do recon missions on this trying to find a center. you can see there the big blob of orange. that's right off honduras, central america there. northern sections of of central america. if they find it, it will probably be declared a tropical depression first and then eventually move to tropical storm. it would be named alex, by the way, so you know. the concern here is if indeed it become as tropical
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depression, tropical storm, potentially a hurricane, where is it going to go. it's very early on in this, but as we switch over to the other source here, you can see the satellite formation of this. and it's beginning to look a little bit more organized. notice the lines, too, that come out of the caribbean up into the gulf of mexico. we call this the spaghetti models. what we're doing there is plotting the potential track of any storm that may develop. notice how some kind of go off to the left or off to the west into mexico. other of those lines come right up into the central sections of the gulf and head toward texas. and then maybe four or five more kind of take this up into the central gulf of mexico and up towards louisiana. until we can pinpoint a center here if indeed it has one and again the hurricane hunters are out there looking for one, until we can pinpoint the center, those spaghetti models not too reliable but they all continue to bring this up into
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the gulf of mexico. how strong will it be, when it it going to get there, what kind of impact will it have on the oil? we just don't know. it's too early to tell. i've been checking regularly with the hurricane center to see if this has been declared a tropical depression. not so far but could at any minute now. as soon as the plane finds a center of circulation and then sends that back and gets it out to everybody, we'll know quite quickly. but right now still just a cluster of thunderstorms down into the western sections of the caribbean. but i suspect that over the next 24 to 48 hours, we will definitely have our first named tropical system down there and it will be alex. >> gary, thanks for the update tonight. inin new england there was a tornado leaving damage. the mayor of bridgeport says it looks like godzilla came through ripping off the roofs and knocking down buildings. despite all the damage, only 30 people were hurt and most of those injuries were minor but the damage was enough for the bridgeport's mayor to declare a
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state of emergency. >> this storm actually hit most ferocious in the neighborhoods that could probably afford it the least. this is a poor community. people have no roofs on their homes. more severe weather across the bored near pennsylvania where storms took own trees and power lines. two women in that car saw a giant tree about to crash down on them. they ducked down just in time. somehow they avoided getting hurt. a school district in massachusetts may be stepping back from a controversial plan to give out free condoms to kindergartners. under the new policy, the provincetown, massachusetts school would hand out condoms to any student who asked no matter how young the student was. at the could get counseling on act incidence but parents would not -- abstinence but parents would not be notified. but after hearing from parents and the governor, the school agreed to take another look at
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the policy. >> it was opening up at a level totally inappropriate. >> the school said they weren't targeting the young kids and never anticipated that elementary school would even ask for condoms. they didn't want to set an age limit to make sure condoms were available to anybody who needed them. obama is recruiting extraordinary athletes to be on his team [ inaudible ] she competed in three olympic games winning gold and bronze medals. she joined us on fox 5 morning news to talk about her new role. >> i just was ready to take this charge. this is something i've been very passionate about and empowering not only young people but also adults and focusing on physical fitness as well as nutrition. can you believe it? the next flu season right around the corner and doctors say check with them to find out how many doses your child
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needs. a cdc advisory committee just changed the number of doses for kids under 9 from one to two depending on which vaccine they received this year. the new seasonal flu vaccine will include three strains including the h1n1 virus. a consumer alert to pass along tonight. cereal giant kelloggs is voluntarily recalling 28 million boxes of cereal after a waxy type smell and flavor coming from the package liners could make you sweet. the products started arriving in stores late march. we have all the details online on talk about growing pains in the district. we're taking you inside the latest battle brewing in georgetown. and it is the latest social media craze. food coming right to your door. we're giving you a taste of the latest craze coming up at 5:45. >> looks yummy.
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more now on financial
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reform as the president heads into the g-20 economic summit on a bit of a high note. congress working into the early morning hours hammering out an agreement on the toughest financial regulations in decades but critics are already lining up against the legislation. we get all the details from fox 5's jennifer davis. >> reporter: president obama arrived at a global economic summit fresh off a domestic policy victory courtesy of congress. >> this morning the house and senate reached an agreement on a set of wall street reforms that represents 90% of what i proposed when i took up this fight. >> reporter: as he meets this weekend in canada with g-8 and g-20 leaders, the. says he'll work to convince them to adopt regulatory reforms like congress just hashed out. >> we need to act in concert for a simple reason. events continue to affirm that our national economies are inextricably linked. >> reporter: the sun was rising as they wrapped up a marathon
5:27 pm
21-hour final session. the. says this is the toughest -- the president says this is the toughest overhaul since the great depression but critics say it fails address -- fails to address the causes of the financial meltdown. no republicans supported the financial agreement. opponents argue the bill is a job killer that only succeeds in growing an antiquated and bloated bureaucracy. >> it's not going to go after wall street necessarily. it's going to go after main street. so it's going to be a main street businesses that are going to be impacted by this 2,000-page bill. >> reporter: both the house and senate would have to pass the bill in order to send it to the president's desk. democratic leaders hope to have a vote on that final bill by the 4th of july. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. he may be trying to recant his confession, but police say they have one big piece of evidence against joran van der sloot and they got it from the woman he's accused of killing.
5:28 pm
the did tails are coming -- the details are coming up next. how about a showdown brewing between president obama and lady gaga. we can tell you it's not over big oversize sunglasses. we'll talk about what this is about coming up. one of these two could come out on top this weekend. ioas8.
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it is now up to the judge who will issue a verdict tuesday morning in the trial of up the murder of robert wone. one, two or all three men will be found guilty or acquitted. there is no in between. paul wagner has today's court wrapup. >> reporter: lynn leibowitz is a jurists who clearly hates wasting time. over the course of the 21-day trial she kempt things moving. on numerous occasion, the native new yorker scolded the attorneys telling them to get to the point when questioning a witness. if they didn't, exasperated she would ask the question herself.
5:32 pm
>> throughout the 22 days of the hearing, she was pretty rough on just about every attorney that stood up in front of her. >> reporter: judge lynn leibowitz was educated at brown and got her law degree from georgetown university. they are career includes six years as prosecutor in the homicide section of the u.s. attorney's office. she was appointed to the bench in 2001. craig brownstein, co-founder of the website who murdered robert wone has spent hours in court watching the judge from when she first took over the case six responsibilities ago. >> she was -- six months ago. >> she was a fast talker, very engaged, very aggressive, proactive working with the attorneys, questioning them constantly, and moving things along. >> reporter: closing arguments were no different. she had questions and demanded answers. >> she was very clearly asking the prosecutor help me out with this. what is your theory, what is your overarching theme. >> reporter: it wasn't just the prosecution she had questions for. judge leibowitz also wanted to
5:33 pm
know more from the defense, specifically why weren't your clients more forthcoming with the police. why weren't they more helpful. >> if gets down to one of the central questions of the entire case and trial and the crime. she was trying to pull that point out from them about why in their statements, why on the night of the murder they weren't more helpful, more proactive, more forthcoming to work with the detectives, to pro actively come up with some ideas of who the intruder could have been. >> reporter: the defense has said from the beginning an intruder came in from the unlocked back door but no one in the house saw or heard the intruder come in or leave. the only thing they heard was a chime from the alarm on the door. if judge leibowitz finds one, two, or all three of the men guilty on tuesday, she could order them held without bond until trial. joseph price is facing up to 38 years in prison on the obstruction, tampering with evidence, and conspiracy charges. the other two men are facing up
5:34 pm
to 35 years in prison if convicted on the obstruction and conspiracy charges. at d.c. supreme court, paul wagner, fox 5 news. even though he took back his murder confession, police in peru may have ironclad evidence against joran van der sloot. they say they found skin under the murder victim's fingernail. she had a fractured school and other injuries. van der sloot was arrested twice in the disappearance of american natalee aholiday in aruba [ inaudible ] the proceeds of the auction will go to a fund set up to compensate madoff's victims. georgetown university is growing. but that might not be the greatest news for some neighbor
5:35 pm
right next to the school. they want to know what's going to happen in the next few years if more students move in. fox 5's john henrehan explains. >> reporter: georgetown, both the university and the yaibd, both georgetowns are actually older than d.c. and as is the case with most big universities, there's always a certain amount of town gown tension. that tension has been heightened with the university's announced desire to grow its graduate school population. [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: about 7,000 undergraduates attend georgetown university and according to a ten-year campus plan, that number will likely remain about the same in 2020. but georgetown intends to grow the enrollments in its graduate and professional schools from about 6300 to more than 8700 over the next ten years. and that is sparking some very public opposition in the adjoining d.c. neighborhood of berlief where many georgetown
5:36 pm
students find off campus housing. >> the problem is there are some students that party too late and there is a lot of noise in the neighborhood. you know, with a newborn it can be tough to have kids next door that are partying till 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. >> i hear music late at night, maybe 2:00 in the morning. and loud, loud voices. >> reporter: although there are a lot of anti-university expansion signs up in burleith, not all residents resent the proximity of georgetown. >> it's also a rental market. we live here and at some point my husband and i would like to rent out our house and it's nice to know there's a rental market. >> reporter: administrators point out in their planning documents that the university now requires an orientation session for students who move off campus and university officials patrol nearby neighborhood street, especially on thursday, friday and saturday nights and extra trash and furniture pickups are also scheduled nearby. georgetown officials also point out that the average age of
5:37 pm
their graduate students is 28 and the graduate and professional students tend to not live together in group homes just off campus. bottom line georgetown is sticking with its plans to grow enrollment in its graduate and professional schools over the next ten years. steve? >> john henrehan, thanks so much. more trouble for michael jackson's former doctor. find out what the jackson family just did on the anniversary of the pop star's death. talk about rolling back pricing, one couple accused of trying to sell their baby at a wal-mart for a bargain basement price. plus, the must have tech toy may have one big flaw. find out what iphone four users are complaining about. that's coming up. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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disturbing allegations against the can cal -- california couple accused of trying to sell their daughter
5:41 pm
for $25. police claim the father approached two women and asked if they wanted to buy the baby. the women thought he was kidding but called police when the man kept pushing for the sale. officers arrested both the baby's father and mother at their home. now there's another twist to the story. a man claiming to be the twin brother of the man arrested said he was the one trying to sell the baby and it was really all just a joke. stupid joke. the baby is now with child protective services. does you see it? a dramatic demonstration showing off a summer danger. fireworks will soon be lighting up the sky near you. from the unpredictable explosions to the little sparks that can ignite a fire. watch for a big crackdown on fireworks safety, even firecrackers all summer in d.c. safety officials say it's best to just take in a professional fireworks event. the cupcake craze is hitting the district.
5:42 pm
can you save that five times fast. cupcake craze. >> just bring them on. >> the trucks are bringing sweet treats to your door. find out how facebook can make it happen. who would have thought we'd be saying that 90 feels refreshing. hope you enjoyed it today because we're going to crank that heat and humidity back up tomorrow. gary's got your weekend forecast when we come right back. 
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it is an unlikely duo, battling it out for facebook supremacy. president barack obama and lady gaga each have a fan page on the social networking site and the two are in a race to become the first to hit ten million fans on facebook. both are in the range of 9.1 million fans and facebook says either one could reach that ten million mark by the end of the weekend. we'll see which one it is. do you use your iphone to
5:46 pm
check your facebook friends? it could abproblem if you have the new iphone four. customers say the antenna is causing e-mail problems. they suggest using a case so that you don't touch the metal bands on the sides. ands act as an antenna on the new foan. make sure you download the new fox 5app to get the latest news, weather and traffic. you can find out everything that's on the app on social media sites like facebook and twitter are great for keeping up with friends but they also deliver other benefits. they can help satisfy your sweet tooth and build a cupcake empire empire. >> reporter: cupcakes have been selling like hot cakes in the last few years but that's not
5:47 pm
what makes curbside cupcakes unusual. nor that the business operates out of a pink truck that roams the streets of washington. it's how the owners drive business to their truck. >> whether we started we had a friend that was a marketing person who said have you done your press release. we're like, press release? >> reporter: the seven-month- old business relies on facebook and twitter to get the word out. >> it's not really marketing. it's testimonial. it's one thing for me to say i have delicious cupcakes but of course that's what i would say. what else would i say? but when someone else you know on facebook says these cupcakes are delicious, that really matters to customers. >> the best cupcakes ever. >> reporter: the co-owner christy posted facebook updates and twitter to let the know where the truck would be. >> we've been walking literally
5:48 pm
for the past hour. >> reporter: another half dozen food trucks in the district rely on social media. >> i would have done this business without twitter. [ inaudible ] twitter makes it more accessible to people. >> the whole design, the whole concept is pretty amazing, you know. it's urban. >> reporter: christy cunningham of curbside cub capes says the use of social media is also growing customer loyalty in another way. >> they've gotten to know each other. you see people in the line become friendly and become friends but also on facebook. it's a real community. i think we have been able to -- you know, we're participants. it's not even our community. we're just participants in this great sort of massive social media that's really been fantastic for us. >> reporter: it's technology changing the way people interact with and do business with each other. allison seymour, fox 5 news. >> thank you very much. speaking of allison, you usually see the two of us together on fox 5 morning news.
5:49 pm
today was a special day on the morning show, not because they didn't have to deal with me. no, this was about history. it was 20 years ago today fox 5 morning news first went on the air. there's allison back in the day. there's me. holly took us on a journey to what everybody looked like 20 years ago. there's tony perkins on the right 20 years ago when he was doing his radio gig and tucker barnes with the hair. if you'd like to see the whole deal, go to there's julie wright. we put it all a the website -- all on the website. there's holly. >> i'm dispointed they didn't ask for my picture. i would have been 3 time. >> oh, stop it. you probably wouldn't have been born. >> that's the truth. i wouldn't have been born. it was a fun look back. >> happy anniversary to the morning show. >> that was really you? seriously, that was you? >> i thought it was tucker. i thought it was tucker now.
5:50 pm
>> people get us confused now. apparently 20 years ago they would have done the same. my hair never got quite as long as tucker's. >> no kidding. another hot day but relief compared to what we've been dealing with. >> guess how hot? i don't want to put you on the spot but what the heck. >> 91. >> 92. >> and the winner is steve. 92 was the high temperature for national today. it didn't feel like that, though, with the humidity. there was actually times today when it felt lower than the actual air temperature. that's what happens, you know. you are going to have the reverse of the heat index and it can feel a little bit better out there. that is not going to happen for the weekend, though. this evening is going to be nice. 86 degrees at 7:00. loads of sunshine. 82 at night. it's going to be very, very nice out there. winds only 5 to 10 miles per hour. highs today 92 for national. 89 for dulles. even cooler there. bwi marshall a little bit warmer up to 93 degrees.
5:51 pm
this weekend, though, temperatures come up. we're probably going to be pushing middle 90s both days. the heat index will be a little bit higher on sunday. looks like sunday will be the mug guest of at least the -- muggiest of at least the weekend days and that will extend into monday as well. 91 in the city. 84 for gaithersburg. some of you in the 80s. real nice by the bay where temperatures have only been in the lower 80s for high temperatures. of course the cooler water helping to keep them warm. binghamton 76. there's cooler air up here but unfortunately that's not going to come on down, okay. we'll have more warm and muggy air down to the south and to the west. that will come through for the weekend. so therefore we've had one little day where it's been fairly dry and comfortable and back comes the humidity for the weekend. 94 for tomorrow. 96 on sunday. i raised these one degree for each day. with the heat index it will be
5:52 pm
a hundred plus on sunday. probably 96, 97 for a high temperature with the heat index out there tomorrow. there's an isolated chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. more scattered i guess would be the best word for it on sunday. slightly better chance of more coverage with the thunderstorms coming up on sunday. rain and thunderstorm activity down through the deep south. we are good here. high pressure came in behind that little weak cold front yesterday. so the high pressure has pulled some of the drier, slightly cooler air from the north down into us. it's hot probably but we were real hot yesterday so i think today would be a good day to say just warm. humidity lower and more comfortable but that was just a one day wonder because the heat comes back for the weekend. sunny tomorrow. high temperatures in the 90s. again just a pop-up thunderstorm, okay. one or two. most of us, 99.9% of us stay dry tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening but as we get into sunday, there's a little bit more coverage.
5:53 pm
better chance of that a little farther back out to the west. but i think some of that will spread over the region on sunday evening. again maybe 20% to 30% chance for thunderstorms sunday evening. monday there's a nice line that forms back out to the northwest of us that will come through monday night. and that will actually bring a nice change but we have to wait until tuesday and wednesday to get that. for tomorrow loads of sunshine. hot. a little bit on the muggy side, too. we start off in the 70s and we warm up into the middle 90s tomorrow. with the heat index tomorrow, it will probably feel 96, 97, something like that. definitely on sunday it will feel 100 to 103 with the heat index. and well very some thunderstorms late in the day. monday just about as hot, 95. but next week, tuesday, wednesday, and even into thursday, a nice little break. >> i like the sound of that. >> we'll wait on it. >> thanks, gary. here's what we're working on right now for the news edge at 6:00 tonight. thousands of people are wondering how they are going to
5:54 pm
get by now that their unemployment benefits are ending. we have an intimate look at a local man's struggle. he's just one of millions dealing with the same situation. how helping the environment could be hurting your health. >> reporter: i'mi'm owthe king had people dancing in the streets.
5:55 pm
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talk of the town on tmz on the anniversary of michael jackson's death. it's been one year since the world lost the king of pop. talking about joe jackson's wrongful death lawsuit, harvey, what's going on? >> well, it was just filed, steve. he is suing dr. conrad murray and the two clinics he works at claiming that murray is responsible for michael
5:58 pm
jackson's death. what's interesting what we didn't know till now is that joe jackson has basically dragged his wife and michael jackson's three children into this and has named them as he put it is nominal plaintiffs along with him in this lawsuit. we talked to katherine jackson's lawyer who was furious and said that number one, katherine has no interest in filing a lawsuit like this. number two, if she did, she wouldn't be hiring joe jackson's lawyer. it seems like there's a decision there and again it's looking like joe jackson is just following the money. and it's just a weird kind of reaction on an anniversary this solemn. >> the timing not good when it comes to that. dr. murray, the timing may be great for him. saving a life. is that what the deal is? >> i mean, it's so ironic. yesterday he's in las vegas and a patient calls him up and says i'm having these chest pains. and murray listens to him and says i think you're having a
5:59 pm
heart attack. call 911. the guy wouldn't do t. murray persisted saying you've got to call 911. finally the guy d. he went to the hospital. they said you are having a heart attack. they put a stint in him. he's okay. murray went to the hospital today. we have pictures of murray actually going in there but he probably saved this guy's life and how ironic almost a year to the day from the time michael jackson died. >> all right. harvey, thank you so much. we'll see you again in about 30 minutes. of course you can watch tmz at 6:30 right aft news edge at 6:00. >> oweafter the news edge at 6:00. the news far from over. the news edge at 6:00 with shawn yancy starts right now. we begin tonight with a question that more than a million americans are asking. what's next now that the u.s. senate has rejected an extension of unemployment benefits. they're wondering what it will mean for themselves and their families. fox 5's matt ackland for with one man who's not sure how he'll survive when his


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